Learn About Stevens Farm & Greenhouses

Learn About Stevens Farm & Greenhouses

We're a top choice for flowers in Monmouth, ME

Stevens Farm & Greenhouses sprouted from a passion for flowers and landscaping. We reopened and rebranded Kelley Greenhouses into what the business is today-a place where people in Monmouth, ME can get flowers and landscaping services under one roof.

Our business is named after Albert and Beverly Stevens, the parents of our owner. That name comes with a commitment to professional service and helping our customers in any way we can. We trust the Lord to guide us in all of our actions.

We've received support from friends, family and the residents of Monmouth, ME since we opened in 2016. We've had the pleasure of collaborating with several local businesses and organizations. Our connections and support have helped us establish roots in one of Maine's agricultural communities.

Reach out to us today to learn more about our company.

We sell fresh flowers

We rotate our flower selection so you can always find seasonal bouquets. We also offer fresh seasonal produce. When you visit us, you'll find floral experts who can help you revamp your yard and decorate your event venue. Call us right away at 207-754-0445 to work with dedicated florists in Monmouth, ME.