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Find a Flower Shop in Monmouth, ME

Stevens Farm & Greenhouses offers seasonal flowers

Are you searching for fresh-cut flowers in Monmouth, ME? Look no further than Stevens Farm & Greenhouses. Our flower shop is full of a range of seasonal bouquets that can brighten up any space.

Our associates will help you pick out the perfect flowers for any occasion. Do you need to spruce up your yard for the spring? We'll help you chose the ideal flowers for your yard. Are you looking for a stunning bouquet for a special event? We'll create a gorgeous arrangement.

Visit our flower shop in Monmouth, ME today to look through our flower selection.

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What will you find in our greenhouse?

We offer a variety of flowers and plants in our greenhouse. You’ll appreciate our selection of in-season plants that will infuse natural beauty into your yard. Our selection includes:

  • Annual
  • Perennials
  • Shrubs & Bushes

Our fresh produce is available starting on Memorial Day weekend. Our selection is seasonal. By Labor Day, we’ll switch to mums and pumpkins. Get in touch with us today to find out which flowers and produce we currently have in stock.

Stevens Farm and Greenhouses Inventory

Subject to Availability


Colossus Mix
Colossus Mix Blotch
Delta Premium Beaconsfield
Delta Premium Blue Blotch
Delta Premium Gold w/ Blotch
Delta Premium Neon Violet
Frizzle Sizzle Lemonberry
Frizzle Sizzle Mix
Matrix Sunrise

Pansies Spreading:

Cool Wave Fire
Cool Wave Golden Yellow
Cool Wave Mix Berry N Cream
Cool Wave Raspberry
Cool Wave Raspberry swirl


Colormax Mix Lemonberry Pie
Penny Mix Jump Up
Penny Orange Jump up

6 Packs:

  • Ageratum aloha blue
  • Alyssum lavender shades
  • purple shades
  • white
  • Begonia sprint white
  • Sprint pink
  • Sprint Mix
  • Sprint rose
  • Sprint scarlet
  • Celosia fresh look red
  • Fresh look yellow
  • Coleus Black dragon
  • Festive dance
  • Wizard mix
  • Wizard scarlet
  • Cosmos mandarin
  • Sensation mix
  • Sonata carmine
  • Sonata mix complete
  • Dahlia figero mix
  • Dianthus Diana Mix
  • Ideal select red
  • Ideal select mix
  • Ideal select rose
  • Ideal select violet
  • super parfait raspberry
  • telstar mix
  • Dusty Miller
  • Gazania enorma mix
  • New day mix tiger
  • New day pink shades
  • Impatiens beacon salmon
  • Beacon red
  • Beacon orange
  • Beacon mix
  • Beacon white
  • Lobelia Regatta midnight blue
  • Regatta Mix
  • Regatta Rose
  • Regatta sapphire
  • Regatta sky blue
  • Regatta white
  • Riviera Blue eyes
  • Riviera Marine blue
  • Riviera Midnight blue
  • Riviera Mix
  • Riviera Rose
  • Riviera sky blue
  • Riviera white
  • Marigold African Discovery orange
  • African Inca Deep Orange
  • African Inca gold
  • African Mix
  • Inca Yellow
  • Taishan Mix
  • French Durango bee
  • French Durango flame
  • French Durango Mix
  • Superhero Harmony
  • Superhero Spry
  • Superhero Yellow Bee
  • Petunia Daddy Blue
  • Daddy mix
  • Daddy Orchid
  • Daddy red
  • Daddy sugar
  • Dreams Burgundy
  • Dreams Burgundy picotee
  • Dreams Coral Morn
  • Dreams Neon Rose
  • Dreams red
  • Dreams rose morn
  • Dreams sky blue
  • Dreams white
  • Madness burgundy
  • Madness plum
  • Madness red
  • Madness white
  • Madness yellow
  • Tritunia Blue star
  • Portulaca Happy hour fuschia
  • Happy hour Mix
  • Happy hour orange
  • Salvia patio deep blue
  • red hot sally
  • vista purple
  • vista red
  • Snapdragon Rocket mix
  • Rocket red
  • Stock Harmony mix
  • Zinnia Profusion cherry
  • Profusion lemon
  • Profusion Mix
  • Profusion orange
  • Profusion Red
  • Profusion yellow
  • Profusion double fire
  • Profusion Double hot cherry
  • Profusion double mix
  • Cut and come again
  • Swizzle cherry and ivory

306 Jumbo 6 packs:

  • Bacopa Snowtopia
  • Atlas Blue
  • Atlas White
  • double indigo
  • double snowball
  • Begonia Bossa Nova Red
  • Bossa Nova Yellow
  • Funky Pink
  • Dragon wings pink
  • dragon wings red
  • big red with green leaf
  • Big rose with bronze leaf
  • waterfalls Encanto pink
  • waterfalls Encanto Red
  • waterfalls Encanto white
  • Cleome sparkler mix
  • Dahlia Hypnotica electric pink
  • hypnotica red
  • hypnotica rose bicolor
  • hypnotic tropical breeze
  • hypnotica yellow
  • temptation pink bicolor
  • temptation red violet
  • Lantana confetti
  • dallas red
  • Havana cherry
  • Havana gold
  • Havana sunset
  • Nemesia Banana swirl
  • Burgundy
  • Magenta
  • Sunshine
  • Petunia easy wave blue
  • Easy wave Burgundy
  • Easy wave mix south beach
  • Easy wave Neon rose
  • Easy wave Pink passion
  • Easy wave plum vein
  • Easy wave red
  • Easy wave silver
  • Easy wave red velour
  • Easy wave yellow
  • Easy wave white
  • Easy wave violet
  • Tidal wave cherry
  • Tidal wave purple
  • Tidal wave red velour
  • Tidal wave silver
  • Scaevola Blue wind
  • Surdiva Blue violet
  • Surdiva pink classic
  • Sunpatiens:
  • compact blush pink
  • compact lilac
  • compact neon pink
  • compact purple
  • compact royal magenta
  • vigorous orange
  • Verbena Obsession blue w eye
  • Obsession white
  • Obsession cascade scarlet
  • Obsession mix

4" pots:

  • Fuschia Blue eyes
  • Marinka
  • Southgate
  • Gerbera Daisy
  • Cartwheel strawberry twist
  • Cartwheel glowing ember
  • Florimax dark with fireball
  • Revolution bicolor red lemon
  • Revolution bicolor red white
  • Royal mix breeders cup
  • Royal prince neon violet
  • German Ivy
  • Ivy Geranium Global Lavender
  • Global red
  • Mini cascade red
  • Mini cascade pink
  • Ipomea-Blackie
  • Thunbergia amber stripe
  • susy glow
  • susy rose sensation

Stevens Farm and Greenhouses Vegetable and Herb Inventory

Subject to Availability

Broccoli - Gypsy
Brussel sprouts- long island green
Cabbage - Stonehead
Red acre
Chinese cabbage
Cauliflower - snow crown
Cucumbers Pick a Bushel
Patio snacker
Eggplant classic
Kale Darkibor
Red Russian
Lettuce Buttercrunch
Red rosie
Parsley Darki
Giant of Italy
Peppers Better Belle
Big Bertha
Cal Wonder
New Ace hybrid
Cayenne long thin
Golden California wonder
Jalapeno Early hot
Purple beauty
Sweet banana
Swiss Chard bright lights

  • amish paste
  • Beefmaster
  • Better Boy
  • Burpee Big boy
  • Celebrity
  • Early girl
  • Jet Star
  • La Roma
  • Park Whopper
  • Sun Sugar
  • Super sweet 100
  • Heirloom tomatoes
  • Lemon pear
  • Amana orange
  • Bonnie Best
  • Mortgage lifter
  • San Marzano


Subject to Availability

-Lemon sweet dani
-Siam queen
-Spicy globe
Chive onion
Chive garlic
Lavender hidecote blue
-Vincenza blue
Melissa lemon balm
Mint After eight
Oregano golden
Hot and spicy
Rosemary Barbeque
Sage berggarten
Tarragon French
Thyme lemon variegated
-Solver edged